10 Reasons why “The Mother Of All Beds” is so much better for you!

  1. All parts of our mattress are custom made and certified organic from the earth.  
  2. The country that our rubber is made in has invested heavily into their infrastructure.  Providing you the finest latex in the world as the oldest manufacturer of latex rubber. They have invested in into high quality centrifuges, schools for training and transportation.  Making latex is like making a cake. It starts with gathering latex rubber, tapped from the rubber tree and only using latex from their own farms as opposed to letting just any farmer bring you rubber.  Latex is similar to cake batter, imagine the quality of cake you would get using a high speed mixer as opposed to hand mixing. Hand mixing gives you inconsistencies and soft spots in the mattress. Trust me, those types of layers won't last 2-3 years.  We have tested rubber from all over the world, and I feel so strongly that we have the best that we can offer you a 25 year warranty, and LifeTime Layer Exchanges! You will always be happy with your mattress. Who else does that? Someone who cares about you and your needs.
  3. Most people prefer the high quality knit cover so you can get the great feel of latex underneath and it's more breathable.
  4. We don't use hot linseed oil in our bed frames because that is a class 3 known carcinogen. Instead, we use hand rubbed hemp oil on our bed frames, so pure you could drink it. (Although we don't recommend it in this form.)
  5. Our platform beds “Don’t Rack” when you move them.  Simply pop your center support back up with a broom handle. Plus, our king size beds are twice as strong as any other out there and have 2 center support strips for even more support.  Because proper support is required for your comfort.
  6. We control our quality by making everything, except the rubber ourselves here in the hills of the beautiful Arkansas Ozark Mountains.
  7. This is where we come in.  We offer you a mattress that is 100% pure certified organic latex.  Each person can have their own sleep surface.
  8. If your needs change and your body changes, no problem for a reduced rate you can swap layers 10/15/20 years down the road as long as you own your mattress. Plus, First layer exchange is totally FREE!  If you want or need more exchanges, during the 120 Days of FREE Layer Exchanges.  Just pay Shipping and Handling $99 each way. So you will not be stuck with a mattress that doesn’t feel good.
  9. Plus, 120 Days of FREE Layer Exchanges. Just sleep on it. Just because a mattress looks pretty in the showroom, doesn’t mean it’s good under the covers.  Just pay Shipping and Handling $99 each way or move layers around or swap with your partner to get that perfect feel. So you will not be stuck with a mattress that doesn’t feel good.
  10. Tell your friends and earn $100 referral bonuses or if you have many connections in the health industry, you can make cash back as an affiliate.  Sign up here.


There is a huge demand for organic rubber.  The sooner you buy, the better because prices will continue to go up as rubber becomes more scarce and getting it from the best source is critical to the longevity of your mattress.