Can I use my existing foundation?

Some people use their existing base.  

There are pros and cons regarding the use of existing bases with our mattresses. Under the Pro side, the primary advantage is saving money right now. Under Cons, 9 times out of 10 our customer service issues are due to an improper foundation.  Furthermore, it’s not ideal to wait and get your foundation or platform bed later, because it will require you to disassemble and reassemble your mattress. As these layers are not physically attached together, your mattress may shift out of place if you decide to move it.

Here is what you need.  

You can use our mattresses on a solid base, or a slat system that has slats 5" wide and no more than 3" apart.  You also need proper center support.
Our foundations and platform beds work the best because we design them to work with our mattresses.  
More Cons: If you are using an old foundation, it may have a dip in it, it may be made of plastic, it may have springs or wires, or it may lack proper center support. All of these problems transfer through your mattress and will void your warranty.  On top of all that, your old foundation may have chemical flame retardants on it, which are known to cause cancer and cause other serious health issues.
More Pros: We have six months same as cash available through PayPal Credit, or maybe the bank or local credit union you bank with will give you a longer term loan.

We look forward to helping you sleep healthful and well.