Fully Customizable

Imagine a mattress that will allow you to unzip the cover and move the layers around to adjust the firmness to your liking at any given time. Even years down the road, when your body and your body needs may change, this mattress will change with you.

Not only will it change with you, but each person can have their own configuration by ordering their own unique configuration of layers.

Not sure how to choose? That’s okay, call us at (844) 223-2263 and we will ask you a few questions to help you determine what you would like.

Worried you won’t choose the correct configuration? We give you 120 days to sleep on it to make sure you get the feel you are looking for. Sometimes what our brains tell us is completely different than what our bodies tell us. This is why we “let you sleep on it” (pun intended). However, if you need layer exchanges, we will give them to you for FREE for 120 days as long as you pay the shipping to and from the factory. When you receive the new layer, swap it with the layer that you wish to send back, than simply pack up the old one and send it back in the same packaging or black contractor bag. It’s that simple. When we get the old layers, we use them as floor models or shred them for other uses.