Our Expandable Casing

As time progresses our bodies grow and change, and our needs change along with it. That is why our patent pending expandable casing offers an easy solution for adding in a new mattress layer for maximum comfort. No more hassle placing a topper on a bed and then putting the fitted sheet over top of it, because we have created an option in our organic casings just for you.

Our expandable casing is available on our two layer mattresses the Ozark and Eclipse and can be added for an additional cost after the "add to cart" button is clicked. When you want to add that topper, unzip the very first zipper, expanding the casing to fit in your topper. Then unzip your casing all around, placing the topper to fit. Last, zip up the mattress and enjoy your maximized sleep comfort! No need to hassle with offset toppers or sheets, because it all fits into the mattress, and you still have the comfort of the organic casing.