Pure Integrity Verified Seal

Our Organic Procedures Matter!

We Strive For Excellent Organic Products

The Pure Integrity Verified™ Seal of approval is still in its infant stages of awareness. Please help us spread the word about what we want to see to heal the planet with this seal! Tell your friends, tell your favorite organic companies, tell your clean food groups!
The Pure Integrity Verified™ seal of approval means pure, integrity, quality and above and beyond organic ingredients without toxins or ingredients that become toxic when mixed with certain components. The Pure Integrity Verified™ seal means the product was made with LOVE, PURITY and INTEGRITY. The seal means never compromising with industry standards, using the most sustainable packaging as possible and without the BPA. These products are sure to be FREE from GMOs and MSGs. If the product is a supplement in vitamin form, then the supplement will be RAW organic whole foods without added fillers or soy lecithin. Our strict standards are for everyone's best health in mind. If we do find out a company has sold out or started using toxic ingredients, the seal of recommendation is sure to be pulled quickly! Just because a product is GMO-free does NOT mean it is toxic/chemical free or even organic. Just because it is paraben free does not mean it is non-toxic. The best is always to make your own products, but we know everyone will not or cannot do. So recognizing this seal is assurance of purity and love.