Avoid the "Should've Would've"s

OZARK MOUNTAIN ORGANIC BEDS can save you from the "Should’ve-Would’ve"s and give you a happy “Did It”!

We all know about buyer’s remorse.


You study, research, shop, haggle and finally buy… only to experience those “OH NO!” emotions a few weeks later!

With a car, it comes after the second or third visit to the mechanic.

With a house, it occurs after the third or fourth call to a repair tech or the fifth visit to local home improvement store. Heaven help you if you find your family members start getting sick from "sick house" syndrome! (My husband says there is a $50 cover charge for each visit. ha ha).

So what about purchasing your new mattress?

That purchase is high on your priority list. You spend about 30% of your life on your mattress.My dad always said you should buy quality shoes and a quality mattress because “you’re on one or the other all the time” (Thanks Dad, I just bought an organic mattress). Comfort is the big issue for both of those items, but what if your health was directly affected by poisonous chemicals as well?

There’s a solution to all of the concerns above with your mattress. Just buy an organic latex mattress (i.e., not synthetic).
1. Get comfort and support. Customize your layers.
2. Get longevity. There’s a 25-year warranty at OZARKMOUNTAINORGANICBEDS.com
3. Get safety. There are no toxic chemicals sprayed on organic mattresses. You get a safe, non-toxic night’s sleep for your health.

No more “Should’ve learned about that!”. They can teach you.

No more “Would’ve if I could afford it.” This is why they have Lay-Away and 6 Months Same as Cash with PayPal Credit.

Imaging saying “I DID IT!” after buying the last mattress you'll ever have to buy.

OZARK MOUNTAIN ORGANIC BEDS has the product, the information, the service and the warranty to save you from the "Should’ve~ Would’ve"s.

At my house, we’ve been on our organic mattress for over three months and we love it more every night. We recently upgraded our surface with the organic fleece as our Christmas gift. Oh WOW! The luxury of that makes getting up in the morning really hard to do! Now we’ve added an organic twin size mattress to the bed my husband uses out of town!

I wish I had known about the poisonous chemicals required to be in all conventional mattresses years ago! They say with age comes wisdom. I sure hope that’s true. I’m passing a little piece of that on to you today. I can tell you’re acquiring wisdom since you’ve found this blog.

Choose to be one of those who say, “I DID IT”, after buying the best mattress around!