What's the Best Firmness for You?

Is as simple as 1, 2, 3…

Step 1:

Choose your size  (Twin, Twin Extra Long, Full, Queen, King, California King or Custom).

Step 2:

Choose your firmness.

(Click on our graph and the computer will help you choose what you need, based upon our extensive knowledge of our product and sleeper experiences).

Step 3:

Check out.

You choose Sleeper #1 and #2

Soft  (SMM) Great support, yet comfortable for the very curvy.

Plush (SMF)  Great choice for the ultimate customization.

Plush Firm (SFF) Luxurious support.

Cushion Firm (MMF)  Firmer with a slight bit of cushion.

Firm (MFF)  Firm for athletic.

Extra Firm (FFF)  Too firm for most people.

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How do you choose a mattress for couples, or just yourself?  

I already know I want a organic latex mattress.  But, what about firmness? My husband is athletic and wants a rock-hard mattress, and I love a soft mattress with good support.  What should we do?


It’s like a pair of shoes: he can’t wear your shoes, and you can’t wear his. How can anyone expect you both to have the same sleep surface?

his and her side two side mattress

The reason couples needs their own sleep surface is simply this: Everyone has different body types, therefore different needs. Most customers like a soft mattress with good support, while athletic types like an extra firm mattress. Others like mattresses that are so completely customizable that they will always be able to change the feel as their body and needs change.

The worst thing you can do is pick out a mattress that only makes one person happy, while the other person is miserable.  

So why not let each person choose their own sleep surface and make everyone happy?

Many women have curves, and will need a softer mattress than most athletic types.  You want the mattress to fill in the curves of your side and back, otherwise the lack of support under your curves causes your side to collapse and may well result in some amount of pain.

different sleep configuration for every individual

A very firm mattress is typically suitable great for someone who has an athletic build, or of a straight stature, meaning they don’t have a hourglass figure.  These types of sleepers often prefer a firmer mattress. They may not need the extra comfort from a soft layer, because there is nothing to fill in.

People who are desperate for sleep try to sleep on their stomachs.  In that case, they need a firm mattress as well, but if they sometimes sleep on their side they need a little extra comfort that a fleece or soft layer would give them.

If you have curves, and a bad back, then you need comfort from the top layer and support from the bottom layers.

I like an F/F/S mattress because I have curves, and like the support, whereas my friend, who is very athletic, likes an extra firm mattress. I could never sleep on an extra firm mattress because of my body shape.  Everybody is different; this is why we offer each sleeper their own sleep surface.

back posture on every type of mattress is important

Some people have health issues like fibromyalgia or arthritis, and some people just want a little extra luxury. These people may require a softer mattress to relieve painful pressure points.  I would recommend the Heavenly Dreams.  You get the great feel of sleeping on latex, while you also get the extra comfort of the 4th super soft layer.

heavenly dreams certified organic latex mattress

Heavenly Dreams

Customizable mattresses are nothing new...  

How it’s done is what matters the most.  

  • Materials used (get our free ebook here)
  • Firmness chosen
  • How customizable is it really?
  • Quality of materials
  • Purity
  • The correct pillow (can you adjust the height yourself?  Is it safe?)

choosing the best pillow for your posture

What is the best solution for making sleepers happy and guaranteeing comfort?

Wouldn’t it great to have a mattress where you can control the firmness by moving layers around as you like them, rather than laying on an ocean of mattresses in a mattress store and guessing whether or not your body will like it when you sleep on it?  Our customers can literally choose one of our mattresses that is completely customizable. They even have a 30 day money back guarantee, so they can try it out in the comfort of their own home. Then if they need to adjust the feel, or get a new layer, no problem.  Mountain Air Organic Beds can handle it.

The ultimate customization to please every sleeper.