Why Do You Want to be Associated with Mountain Air Organic Beds?

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If You Love Our Products, Why Not Tell Others?

  • What makes you passionate about organic products?
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  • There are SOOOO… many benefits to organic latex!
  • Here are just a few!
~ Naturally cool sleeping
~ Hypoallergenic
~ Anti-microbial
~ Dust mite-resistant
~ Pest-resistant

Is There Money to be Made?

  • Yes! Yes! Yes!!!! With our luxury products you can expect amazing commissions with each sale!

What Topics Could You Use to Write Blogs About and Help Advertise Our Products?

  • Medical benefits
  • Physical benefits
  • Non-toxic benefits
  • Comfort benefits
  • Customizability
  • The benefits of no chemicals harming your health
  • The comfort of the mattresses and the ability to choose your comfort level!
  • The options are endless!!!

How Saturated is the Market for Mountain Air Organic Beds?

    • We’re new to the marketing affiliate pool, so be the first to jump in with us!

    Is There Enough Interest In/Demand For Our Products?

      • Let’s say the average polyester pillow (full of chemicals, but cheap on the pocket book) costs $10. You need to replace your $10 pillow every 6 months. In a 20-year time span, that is $400 that you’ve spent on “throw away” pillows that lose their shape and are horrible for your overall health. Our pillows will last a lifetime! You’ll save money in the long run. Now, how many pillows do you sleep with at night? Times that number by $400. How much money are you wasting? And think about all of those hours/years of sleeping on a toxic pillow!?!?!? Now, how many of our pillows do you think you can sell? How much commission do you make off of just 1 pillow? Let’s watch the numbers add up together and meet the goals that you have in your life! Take a look for yourself. 

      How Much Commission Could You Make From Marketing Our Products?

      • Set goals for yourself and aim to achieve them!
      • If you want to make $500 a month, then create an attainable goal to help you succeed.
      • The sky is the limit! If you need encouragement or ideas, we're always here to help you meet your goals.

      What Kind of Support Does Mountain Air Organic Beds Provide to it’s Marketing Affiliates?

      • We are constantly striving to provide our Marketing Affiliates with true and accurate information to supply to the consumer. We welcome all input and are available via phone (1-844-223-2263) or email (Office@MotherOfAllBeds.com) with any questions. We will keep our Marketing Affiliates up-to-date on the latest promotions and product information.