Why preshrinking your mattress is good for you?

As an option we can pre-shrink your mattress casing in warm water, no detergent, line dry in the sunlight. If you are lucky and it rains, we will loosely cover the material with plastic, allowing the casing to absorb natural, good ions from the atmosphere.  Ion’s clean the air and refreshes you.(1)

Rain charges the air with health - giving negative ions, which are naturally electrically charged particles that attach themselves to damaging free radicals and thereby protecting you from the negative effects.  Negative ions travel to your bloodstream, where they simulate bio-chemical reactions. (1)

I never ever trust dryers, you know why?  We actually had a dryer fire as a kid. My father vented it into the garage instead of the air, and it built us, sparks caught fire in the lint and almost caught the car on fire.

I realized as a kid, you put something in the dryer and it comes out electrified just didn't make sense to me.

One of the big disadvantages of dryers, is in fact they use artificial heat and convection to dry your clothes.  Artificial heat in dryers in the North America is either natural gas or electric. These are very energy efficient, they also by convection and the high heat cause degradation of the fabric fiber.  Natural line drying at ambient temperature and exposure to the sun does not result in fabric fiber degradation unless you over expose the fabric to the point of bleaching for want of a better term by the sun. Line drying of the fabric in the open air reduces environmental impact by a tremendous amount. As a side note: Lint build up in dryer vents is one of the most common causes of household fires.  

The drawback to line drying is wrinkles. You may have to iron your clothes. But in my opinion the environmental impact of a common electric or gas dryer is much higher than a flat iron. Besides line drying your clothes is a peaceful and pleasurable experience. Especially on sunny days with a little breeze, you see your towels and sheets waving happily at you in the breeze as opposed to seeing them tumble in a 200 degree can.  If I was a shirt, I would much rather be line dried than stuck in an oven.

Another benefit of eliminating your dryer, is you save space.

 A space you can use for food storage, a freezer or other uses. If you do have a situation where a dryer is necessary, go to a local laundry mat and use the large commercial dryers and let them assume the risk of fire.  

We as a family have chosen to go without electric or gas dryers., We have found it liberating.  One great benefit is less noise. Our house is much quieter and peaceful without the droning chug of a dryer.  We did careful research the finest and most efficient washing machines available. It is quiet and efficient and get's our clothes extraordinarily clean and it's sitting next to the deep freeze where the dryer used to be.  The deep freeze contains food that we bought and preserved and is a far more efficient use of that space than a shirt oven.

One of the drawbacks of synthetic drying as you well know is static electricity. Far more common if you have synthetic fabrics in your dryer.  This phenomenon is created in simple terms by the high temperature electrified atmosphere in a dryer can. Thus infusing and exposing your clothing to ions, electromagnetic interference, ionization.  Do you really want to put that next to your body. Do you really want a pair of trousers with static electricity next to your skin when you suffer from diabetic nerve pain? You can not convince me that wrapping your body in ionized, electromagnetically charged fabric is a good idea.

These ions rev up your energy, produce better moods, lifts depressed spirits, helps reduce pain of thermal burns.

They also alkalize your body so that your pH is slightly more alkaline than acidic… pushing you towards a happy equilibrium of 7.365. (1)

Wherever water moves, negative ions are released.  So go for that swim, get in the rain, take that trip to your favorite river, lake and ocean. Take as many deep breaths of those negative ions you can!” (1)

In our home..

We have taken this a step further by eliminating a dryer from our home because of ionization and static electricity.  These can't be good things. You put a shirt in a dryer and it comes out like a 12 volt battery.

Here is my scientific basis. An article, "Human behavior and atmospheric ions."  This article is about Ions and why having a pre-washed casing that is line dried could possibly have health benefits beyond the visual eye.

  • Fluctuation in central sensitivity(4)
  • Coefficient of the restoration of visual purple(4)
  • Connections between changes in ionization and tinnitus(4)
  • Reduction in pain caused by thermal burns(4)
  • Reduction in succinoxidase (2) activity leading to increased activity and motor effects(4)

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