Eclipse 6"

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 Eclipse 2-Layer    

Organic Cotton Zippered Knit Cover with Organic Latex                          free shipping white glove installation

*Our brown border and expandable casing are no longer available.*
Our Eclipse is custom made for you.  It has a 3" firm layer on the bottom with a 3" medium layer on top.  However, you can change that and specify any density of Firm/Medium/Soft combination you like.

The Eclipse comes in a zipper casing with a rubber grip backing so your mattress doesn't slide around. Please put in your notes on check out if you want any of the layers split so you can easily move them around adjusting the feel. 

The organic cotton knit cover is a casing with a zipper that allows you to control the feel of your mattress instead of the mattress controlling you.  You can now unzip your mattress and move layers around to adjust the feel.  Even 5/10/15 years down the road you can control the comfort of your mattress. How awesome is that?

If you choose to split the top layer, we recommend you purchase our Cool and Cozy quilted mattress protector.

* If you are concerned about lost or stolen packages, please pay $10 for a required signature.

This mattress will come rolled up all ready for you to open and lay on! 
  Description of Eclipse

Box Sizes:

Twin / Twin XL= 16" x 16" x 42"
Full= 16" x 16" x 55"
Queen= 16" x 16" x 65"
King/Cali. King= 16" x 16" x 77"  (Currently not available for roll packing)
*We can't be responsible for lost or stolen packages. If you are concerned, please pay $10 for a required signature.
GOTS certified for our organic casings and organic bedding   GOLS certified for our 100% certified organic latex mattress    pure integrity verified for our health and safety in our stores


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