Foundation Assembly


Step 1: Place it.

Start with the borders of your bed. Lay them out in the space front side down so you can align the corners.



Step 2: Connect it.

Connect the borders together by sliding them together at both ends of each border. The borders will need to be squared up for all corners to glide and connect smoothly. 



Step 3: Brace it.




Place the three slats with the larger holes in them for the feet on the six brackets of the borders, (if you don’t see them, they may be upside down.



Step 4: Cover it.

With the foundation still upside down place the cover on it upside down with the zipper towards the ground. Once it is sung and aligned, cut holes in casing where the feet should slide into the holes of the wood.


Step 5: Feet it.

Flip it over.


Where the holes are, place the feet and screw them down with the washer and bolt. The washer should go on first and the the bolt.


Step 6: Brace & Slat it.

 If you have a Queen, King or California King, place the center support piece in the middle with the detachable feet spaced evenly apart from one another.

Place the slats starting from head & the foot of the bed. Leave a 4 inch (roughly the width of a fist) gap between each one.


Step 7: Drill it.

With the included screws and drill bit, drill the slats down into the middle brace and the borders.


You are finished!

If you have any questions please speak to us at (844) 223-2263 M-F 10-5 CST.

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"What is the difference between a Platform Bed and Foundation?"
A platform bed can save you money because you don't have to buy a metal bed frame and a new expensive bed.  It is all inclusive. It can be set at any height for storage underneath.
A foundation is traditionally for people who have a headboard and footboard with rails, such as a sleigh bed.  
Some people want the foundation with the adjustable legs because they like them recessed and the want the legs to be so high for storage underneath.  If you need help determining the height you want your mattress to be, feel free to call us.
If you love storage, the Boxer Bed with a foot lift for storage is the best!  Ton's of storage under your mattress.  Including long bulky items such as ski's and fishing poles.