Mattress Assembly

Recent Video Update:  Please note not everyone can fold the casing over the foot of their bed as shown in the video, so don't worry about that little detail.
Just follow these written directions and video on how to assemble it.  Tucking it in really good as you zip it up.  You might have to zip it up twice to get the top to lay perfect.  
If you have any questions please call us at (844) 223-2263 during normal business hours.

Step 1: Place it.

Step OneStep OneStep One

Start with unfolding the casing over the bed lining it up with the bed with the top of the casing up and unzip it. Once unzipped, fold the top of the casing so it is out of the way.

*The top of the casing DOES NOT detach from the base.

Step 2: Unpack it.

Step Two

Fold sides of the casing around the foundation to expose the whole base of the casing. This is important to line up the latex layers with the casing seams around the bed. 

Step 3: Unroll it.

Step Three

Take the shrink wrapped layers out of the boxes starting with the densities you have chosen on the bottom. (If you prefer Firm on the bottom, start with that). Lay the shrink wrapped layer on the desired side and with scissors start to cut it open. Once the layer is open it will naturally unroll itself onto the bed. Align the edges of the latex with the casing edges. To move the layers, flop and roll them like spreading a sheet over a bed. This will ensure that the layers don't rip.

*The casings are all made smaller than the layers themselves to ensure that everything is snug. 

Step 4: Keep Unrolling.

Step FourStep Four

Keep placing the desired configuration of densities on the desired sides. Align the edges of the latex with the casing edges first. Then move to the middle to flatten out the layers if they are on top of each other. It is natural that the middle of the layers land on top of each other. This ensures that the middle of the mattress is stacked and offset from the other layers. It is important that the edges of the layers are lined up so the casing can go straight up and down without having bulges on the edges. 

*If you don't have split layers (or a twin, Twin XL, or Full) you wont need to worry about the split layers.

Step 5: Cover it.

Step FiveStep six

Once all layers are placed on the desired side and in the desired configuration pull the borders of the casing around the layers. Place the connected casing top over the mattress and align it as close to the zipper as possible.

Step 6: Zip it.

Step six

Zip up the casing making sure that the latex doesn't get caught in the zipper. 

*While zipping the casing, it is easier to put a finger or hand in between the zipper and the rubber so the zipper doesn't get caught on latex, especially around the corners.


You are finished!


Here are my tips:  
Don't pull and tug on the layers, instead cut the box out in the garage and drag the shrunk wrapped layers up to your bed, starting with a firm layer that will be on the opposite side.  Open the casing on the bed making sure the length is from head to toe. Then pop the layer up on the bed with the plastic on it.
Super Big Tip! Never put your layers outside.  There is nothing that will harm you in our mattress, or cause allergies, and the slight sweet odor of latex will go away soon. Never wash your casing, use a mattress pad instead.
Then you position the rolled layer unopened at the top of the bed to the opposite side of where you want it to lay.  Cut it open and roll it out. It will be easy for you to remove the plastic as it unfolds.  
Then you can flop that firm layer to the other side. Now do it again, to the other side, over and over building your mattress firmness from the bottom up.  
If you want your bed to look especially pretty, you need to flop each layer so it LINES UP with the SIDE SEAM of the mattress casing then the FOOT, continue to flop together, pushing down and in until it is perfect, tuck in the corners really pretty.  Disregard the head of the bed, no one sees that.  
The casing will appear to be to small, trust me it is not.  Latex pushes in as much as 4" so the casing holds it in and you don't get any shifting of the rubber.
Please keep this link for reference on assembling any of our products.
Please note time to time we have minor changes.  Call us if you have any questions and we will be happy to help.  We can even Face-Time with you to help you out by calling 479-283-7226 during normal business hours. If we are out of town, in a area that is unable to receive calls and you are unable to reach us, please email us at and leave us a voice mail.  We will respond as soon as possible.