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Heavenly Harmony 4-Layer

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Heavenly Harmony 4-Layer

Quilted Casing

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The Heavenly Harmony certified organic mattresses is comprised of FOUR 3-inch layers of organic dunlop latex, in an organic quilted casing. The quilted cover is a casing with a zipper, which allows you to feel the great comfort of sleeping directly on latex, which many people love.

Our mattresses are easy to assemble and layers can be easily moved around to make it firmer or softer for each sleeper providing you the ultimate in sleep-surface customization. Now you will be able to arrange and rearrange your layers to your liking, allowing your mattress to change with you as your body and needs change.

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GOTS certified for our organic casings and organic bedding    GOLS certified for our 100% certified organic latex mattress    pure integrity verified for our health and safety in our stores


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